While factories the world over have recently been forced to shut down due to the economic crisis, puppy factories continue to boom. Mass-producing puppies for profit, their operators are simply business people with little or no concern for the animals they force to breed in appalling facilities. It's not uncommon for female dogs as young as six months old to churn out litters constantly for their entire lives. When they're no longer able to breed, they're euthanised. But perhaps the most shocking truth about puppy factories is that they're operating right here, in towns all across Australia.




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Breaking news. Government gives RSPCA $6 million to fight puppy factories.

As we head closer to the state election, the major parties have increased their focus on puppy factories.

The Government has announced that they will provide RSPCA with $6 million over four years to establish a 'Special Investigations Unit'(SIU) that will be dedicated to help us achieve better welfare outcomes for animals kept inhumanly in puppy factories as well as closing down these reprehensible practices.

This is a major milestone for RSPCA in our fight to stamp out illegal and unethical intensive breeding in Victoria.  Whilst we welcome the $6 million over four years for this new SIU, it will require additional investment and legislative change to bring this cruel practice to an end.

It is due to years of campaigning and community support that we have been able to effectively lobby Government and as a result, see legislation improvements and reduced sales of puppies in pet stores.

To view full details on the major parties’ positions on animal welfare please read our scoring card.


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